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Obama: Middle East Policy and Jewish Support

Obama: Middle East Policy and Jewish Support

by Jerrold L. Sobel

June 25, 2011

In case you haven’t noticed, the Jewish people are once again going through a crisis of survival; who would believe it? Sarcasm aside, why should this generation be deprived? Many of our great and great great grand parents suffered the pogroms in Eastern Europe during the early 20th century. Others have had parents and grandparents witnessing the Shoah, and presently Jews in Israel are threatened to a greater extent than any time since 1948.

What’s more daunting today than all the years since her re-establishment as a sovereign, Jewish state are the pragmatic, out of touch, ill conceived policies of an American president, Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration. Easy everyone, I know to some I just hit a nerve. In the background, I can hear the anguished screams of those dismissing this statement as nothing more than a right wing rant.

Harry Reid (D-Nev.), not exactly a right wing zealot, doesn’t think so. In a speech given before AIPAC last week, Reid stated, “The place where negotiating will happen must be at the negotiating table and nowhere else……Those negotiations will not happen and their terms will not be set through speeches, or in the streets, or in the media.” ( When Reid starts jumping ship on this president’s policies all cries of partisanship must immediately be stifled.

Likewise, when other high profile supporters of the president such as Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Ct.) deem the president’s recent speech calling for negotiations to begin with the 1967 “borders” as, “profoundly ill advised,” it also can not be construed as a right wing rant.

As a matter of fact, In response to President Obama’s dastardly speech calling for Israeli/Palestinian negotiations premised on the pre-1967 demarcation lines, a bi-partisan group of 53 Senators: (34-Republican; 18-Democrat; 1-I) have co-sponsored a Senate Bill entitled, “S. Con Res. 23”: It states the following: “(1) it is U.S. policy to support Israel in maintaining secure, recognized, and defensible borders; and (2) it is contrary to U.S. policy and our national security to have Israel’s borders return to the armistice lines that existed on June 4, 1967.” (Track this Bill on my new Website

What Obama’s motivations are and which of his advisers have his ear only he knows. However, from Zbigniew Brzeziniski who advocates attacking Israeli Planes with American Jets if Israel were to attack Iran; to Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Muslim born, Senior Adviser and oldest ally; his inner circle is replete with collaborators which some have deemed to have, “genocidal hostility toward Israel.”

Others dismiss his obsessive cajolery to naivete. This notion should immediately be dismissed out of hand, whether you love him or hate him, Obama is anything but a stupid man. He hired these people, not the other way around. Most assuredly, when Samantha Powers calls for ending all military aid to Israel she speaks for her boss. When Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice cast her veto and then disavowed it before the world body, it was also with permission of her patron. Hillary Clinton’s tongue lashing of Prime Minister Netanyahu over the bogus settlement issue, most assuredly did not come without approval. Whichever school of thought is correct, one thing is indisputable, despite the protestations of his mesmerized followers, Obama’s policies if followed would be disastrous to the state of Israel.

Those of his ardent supporters also claiming to be friends of Israel should ask themselves the following question. How does sitting down with her avowed enemy Hamas, and prior to negotiations surrender her trump card, a return to the pre-1967 boundaries enhance Israel’s security? Pseudo, indefensible borders which in actuality were never more than demarcation lines that existed between 1949-1967?

In face of this, it’s equally perplexing the amount of adherents Obama has amongst American Jews. Despite the facts so glaringly obvious, many are still more attuned to Democratic party affiliation than recognizing Israel’s real security needs. To the detriment of our democratic ally, with mesmeric fervor they wholeheartedly defend these suicidal policies and the man enunciating them.

Grasping at straws, attempting to defend the indefensible, with blind obedience they drone on about how his words are misunderstood. If true, this president may be the most misunderstood man in the world. In his defense they lamely argue, Obama is only repeating what other presidents have said before. Sounds good, but the fact it’s totally untrue has little bearing upon these folks. What they fail to recognize, even if true, it still would not be germane to the realities Israel is facing now. What Clinton or Bush may or may not have said or tried during their administrations has as much relevance today if they were spoken by William Howard Taft or any other president. Like all of us, Israel must deal in the present. Past presidents, and their thoughts have as much importance today as the the price of eggs in China. Whatever deals and agreements these men pursued were by default failures. If they weren’t we wouldn’t be where we are today. So why continue pursuing this defunct “land for peace” charade any longer? Why does this president find it in Israel’s interest to cede land for peace after her experience not once but twice involving first Southern Lebanon, then Gaza in 2005. What has it gotten her? Should Israel, at the behest of a man either lacking in knowledge or impervious to her critical security needs, continue to be implicit in her own destruction?

Few can argue, at no point in her history has the Jewish state faced such a confluence of enemies and negative factors. In addition to the eternal animus of the Arab world, she now faces a recalcitrant Egypt in the Southwest; incessant attacks from Hamas controlled Gaza; an Hezbollah controlled Lebanon in the North; a teetering Assad in Syria, constantly seeking provocations to deflect the genocide he perpetrates upon his own people; the loss of Turkey, a secularized nation since the days of Ataturk, which now has moved into the Iranian axis under the Islamic rule of Erdogan. All this gleefully being orchestrated by the nuclear bound, Holocaust denying Ayatollahs in Iran.

With these factors alone, setting aside the endemic issues of boundaries, the right of return, Jerusalem, settlements, and other impediments for a moment, you have to wonder. Under present conditions, why would an American president, professing to be Israel’s best friend, unrelentingly prod her to sit down and negotiate with a Palestinian entity dominated by terrorists sworn to her destruction? Would we have done so with the Nazis 70 years ago? Would we do so today with al-Qaeda?

Less public than his admonitions of Israel but unable to defend the indefensible, Obama has continuously called upon Hamas to abnegate their Judea-phobic manifesto: (Hamas Charter of 1988) …
But let’s be real, you might see the Chief Rabbi of Israel eating a sandwich on Yom Kippur before that will happen. And he darn well knows it. Recognizing that the Palestinians have never backed off one step, for perception and political cover Obama meekly calls upon them to show the world a facade of equanimity, when there really isn’t any in this dispute. Knowing they wont budge, he finds it much easier to push Israel. Regardless the circumstance, like Don Quixote, uncaring, hell bent with obsession, he plods on.

Let’s briefly examine one of the core issues, Arab recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. What could possibly be more basic than mutual recognition between two conflicting parties prior to peace negotiations? The Palestinian “unity” government and the Arab world at large have steadfastly refused to do this. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, laughingly Israel’s partner for peace, along with Hamas comprise what I’ve dubbed, the United Terrorist Organization of Palestine. This man of peace and “former” terrorist has declared numerous times, under no circumstances will he ever recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

So with recognition off the table to begin with, what are we talking about here? Where is the basis for discussion? Obama himself has called for such recognition publicly but has never insisted upon it from the Arabs as a pre-condition to restarting peace talks. But with the same forcefulness that has accomplished so much with Iran, the president benignly utters words. Unfortunately, he saves the tough talking and political arm twisting for his professed “best friend” Israel.

The Age of Absurdity by Jerrold L. Sobel

Has anyone out there heard of Darfur? The questions get tougher now. Do you know where it is? And finally, who is Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir? Well, for those of you hanging on the edge of your seats; Darfu is a region of western Sudan about the size of Texas. Since 2003 it’s been in a civil war where the Muslim military government led by Omar Ahmad al-Bashir has by U.N. estimates massacred more than 300,000 civilians, displaced 2,500,000, and have forced another 200,000 to seek refuge in neighboring Chad. This week the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague charged al-Bashir with three counts of genocide. Earlier, in March of this year he was also charged with five other genocidal counts including; holding two and a half million refugees in Auschwitz like internment camps. Not surprisingly, at last year’s Arab League Summit conference in Doha, Qatar, this monster was universally praised by the participants; one in particular was Israel’s “Partner for Peace,” Mahmoud Abbas, who offered acclaim and abutment with the following statement; “We reiterate solidarity with Sudan and our rejection of the measure of the ICC against his Excellency.” This comes on the heels of a little blurb in the July 9th edition of the Jewish Press regarding his eulogization of Mohammad Oudeh, better known as, Abu Dahoud, the mastermind of the mass slaughter of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Abbas is quoted saying, “He will be missed…..He was one of the leading figures of Fatah and spent his life in resistance and sincere work.” By this statement you would think this coward charged a battalion of Israeli troops rather than massacre a bunch of innocent kids. That’s some eulogy from a guy President Obama praised for his “Commitment to peace.”

In the July 9, 2010 Washington Post article entitled, “Obama Praises Abbas As Committed to Peace.” Our President further paid homage to the Palestinian leader for showing “restraint”….”in recent months in handling long-standing conflicts with Israelis.” That’s quite laudable. Perhaps Israelis should thank him for moderating and no longer blowing up school buses of children or exploding bombs in restaurants this year. While dealing with absurdity, we can’t pass up last week’s “summit conference” at the White House between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.

To be honest, It was such a love fest I couldn’t help but feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Everybody was holding and touching, agreeing with each other. It was wild. For a moment there I thought they would don kippas and put on Tefillin. This one reiterated, “the bond is stronger than ever,” the other one affirmed the U.S. “commitment to Israel,” but all in all, most people were left wondering, “where’s the beef?”

As has become his custom, Netanyahu with hat in hand thanked the President for imposing additional sanctions and his unwavering support on Iran. My question is, sanctions, how are they going to do to prevent those Holocaust denying fanatics from getting nuclear weapons? If these two guys are actually serious and think sanctions are going to slow the Ayatollahs down, they’re both crazy. What’s next, an embargo on ice cream and water pipes? In my view, a “don’t cross the line” joint statement aimed at the Iranians might have had a much greater effect than ineffectual sanctions. Perhaps I’m actually the crazy one but it seems this show was more for the upcoming elections in the U.S. and to placate the left in Israel than it was for substance. Less than two months ago, Israel’s new best friend, Obama, called out Israel for not signing on to the Non Proliferation treaty; that certainly wasn’t the act of a friend. Joining the chorus for an investigation of the flotilla nonsense also hasn’t endeared Obama to Israelis and many Jews here either. The Washington Post article saved the best for last when they quoted the White House saying that Obama and Abbas “discussed ways to revive direct talks in the near future.” I wonder if our President ever considered coaxing the Palestinians into recognizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State for starters?

All this makes me wonder if most people realize Israel is the only party in this dispute that has given something tangible for peace, but has yet to receive anything in return? By his recent actions, outlined at the beginning of this essay, does Abbas seem like a viable peace partner? Forgetting his complicity in the ’72 Olympics massacre, or his admission of being the mastermind of the Achille Lauro ship jacking in which 69 year old Leon Klinghoffer was shot and thrown overboard. But just by his recent actions alone is it plausible this baneful man has had an epiphany? For that matter, by his sudden reversal in rhetoric just prior to the Fall elections, can it be believed Obama has had one as well? Netanyahu would have to be a pretty good handicapper to take that bet on either of them.

Far from the serene walls of Harvard Law School, Netanyahu joined the Israeli Defense forces in 1967 and commanded an elite commando unit known as the Sayreret Matkal. In 1972 he was part of a 16 man contingent led by by future Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak which stormed a hijacked Boeing 707 passenger jet in Tel Aviv, killed the 4 terrorists on board, and rescued the passengers. The following year he served with distinction in the Yom Kippur War and before being discharged attained the rank of Captain. Upon leaving the military, he became a rising star in the Likud party and served four years as Ambassador to the United Nations; 1984-1988. Subsequent to that position he honed his diplomatic skills as Foreign Minister in the Sharon Administration, a post which he eventually left due to objections over the Gaza Disengagement Plan; a plan which called for and led to the evacuation and displacement of thousands of Israeli’s from their homes in Gaza. No doubt many in Israel today rue that fateful 2005 decision. A debacle all should remember when pressure today is applied on Israel for a continuation of the absurd “land for peace” non-starter.

As if one period can be more daunting than another, Netanyahu came into office under the most dire of times. Israel today faces a combination of united enemies far more bellicose than anytime subsequent to the Six Day War. She does this within a back drop of world wide anti-Semitism not seen since the Second World War. But the enigma hidden deep within the puzzle is what strategy if any does he have moving forward under the circumstances just mentioned? That’s the $64,000 question. Does Netanyahu truly trust Obama based upon his pronouncements or does he weigh his actions of the past 18 months? In the crucial time ahead, how much faith does the Prime Minister really have in sanctions stopping the unthinkable, Iran getting a nuclear weapon? Subsequent to U.S. elections in the Fall, is he comfortable that Obama will stand with the Jewish State if Israel is forced to go to war with one or all of her enemies? If such a scenario plays out, how much political cover can Israel expect from this Administration? It’s funny, in some circles Netanyahu is denounced as a “right winger;” as if that’s a bad thing in of itself. Yet the most land Israel has relinquished with nothing to show for it has been under the leadership of military heroes; Ehud Barak in Southern Lebanon and Ariel Sharon in Gaza. It remains to be seen if Netanyahu joins that club……But for now let’s continue with some more absurdity……

The idea that Israel is even considering the release of 1000 murderers for 1 kidnapped soldier is beyond ludicrous. Believe me, I say this is not from a lack of compassion for Gilad Shalit or his family. No doubt, for them there can be no greater pain. However, this is war and he’s a soldier. A small nation such as Israel could never afford the mayhem these treacherous killers would once again commit if turned loose. What greater incentive to kidnap more Israeli soldiers, politicians, or civilians could you bestow upon these thugs than to pay such a high ransom for one soldier? Perhaps other ways of negotiating his release would be more effective, such as tightening the blockade not loosening it and ending the absurdity of supplying electricity to Gaza. World condemnation must be discounted, and Israel should stick to its guns and insist upon a strict quid pro quo. Would such a tough approach like this work? Who knows but it’s certainly better than releasing a 1000 cutthroats that are imprisoned for killing Israelis to begin with…………

The final absurdity is the recent release of those Russian spies several days ago. It was just a funny old time. We swapped them for a couple of our guys and everyone went home happy. Joe Biden, the court jester, appeared on the Jay Leno show a couple of days later chuckling it up with Jay about the beautiful spy that was expelled and everyone had a good laugh except Jonathan Pollard a former American naval intelligence officer convicted of spying for Israel in March of 1987.

No one can deny the seriousness of this crime and as an American I recognize that spying against our country is a dastardly act which he admitted to and was rightfully convicted of. But there were extenuating circumstances: Unlike this recent spy fiasco, Pollard passed classified information to a friendly power which many believe the U.S. should have been sharing with Israel all along: satellite photography of PLO headquarters in Tunisia; Libya’s air defense capabilities; Arab and Islamic conventional and unconventional capabilities from Morocco to Pakistan. In any event, as a result of this sordid affair, Pollard took a plea offer and cooperated fully with authorities but the sentencing judge still imposed the maximum punishment, life in prison. Long disavowed by Israel and with no compassion for leniency in this country, Pollard alone, divorced, and ruined has languished in prison for 23 years. I wonder how many convicted killers and spies have been freed from prison during these years. It’s time to free this misguided but broken man. He’s done his time. Let him out of jail and allow him move to Israel: enough is enough………