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Israel’s Unshakable Friend: President Obama:

Israel’s Unshakable Friend: President Obama:

by Jerrold L. Sobel

July 28, 2011

The next time you want to read some propaganda worthy of Joseph Goebbels, get on the mailing list of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). Joined by the hip to the Democratic party, their defense of President Obama regarding his relationship with Israel is messianic. This past week they published an article by New Jersey Democrat Steve Rothman, entitled: “Rothman: The Truth about Obama’s Pro-Israel Record.”

In the article, the Congressman, a Jew himself, lists a host of reasons Obama is a committed friend of Israel. He cites the settlement veto at the U.N.; development of the Stuxnet virus disrupting Iran’s nuclear computers; unprecedented military cooperation, and in a speech before AIPAC in May, Rothman reminds everyone Obama stated, “We remain committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.” By the time I finished reading this I became mesmerized and started questioning my past attitude toward the President and began re-evaluating my negative opinion of him.

Honestly speaking, until reading this article, I never appreciated all the good President Obama has done for Israel. No doubt the goodwill and friendship he’s shown both Israel and the Jewish people as a whole emanates from his formative years in Indonesia under the tutelage of the local Imam. Additionally, his obvious pro-Israel slant was most likely honed later on in life having the good fortune to inner circle with such other admirers as; his Pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Van Jones, and too many other people of goodwill to mention.

In the midst of my epiphany the thought came to me, “oh those horrible Republicans,” not once have they acknowledged the good influence these associates and mentors have had on his decidedly pro-Israeli stance. They’ve even gone so far as to denigrate pictures of the President wearing a yarmulka. Many of his detractors have also claimed the photos bogus, made in Photo Shop. It’s revolting. As if Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, or even George Soros couldn’t afford to buy him his own yarmulka.

It’s hard to believe how many of these sons of Nixon are still yapping about the President bowing down to the KIng of Saudi Arabia during his tour of contrition through the Middle East and for not stopping by to visit Israel during the trip. The Republicans just don’t get it. Busy apologizing to the Islamic world for the misdeeds of the United States and Israel was a busy time. How would it have looked to the Muslim world if he paid a visit to a country they wish to annihilate? It’s about time these conservative wusses stop whining so much. Before he was elected, didn’t President Obama go to Israel, slip on a kippa and do a photo-op at the Wailing Wall? Doesn’t that show friendship? Leave it to these right wing dingbats accusing President Obama of pandering for the Jewish vote. He doesn’t have to do that. Don’t they realize, the American Jewish vote is his by default?

It’s also about time these John Birch, tea partying, pseudo fascists grow up and stop painting our President in a bad light for pressuring Israel into additional Palestinian concessions prior to negotiations. The President must reason: by sweetening the pie with more land from Israel, the Palestinians will surely be more inclined to sit back down at the bargaining table. Now that’s logic we can believe in.

Furthermore, what will it take for these disciples of Glen Beck to realize that President Obama is showing Israel leadership and love they’ve never had before. By defining the pre-67 demarcation lines as the starting point in future negotiations, he’s only pretending to favor the Palestinian position. Like none before him, this President is boldly willing to take the risks needed to get talks going again. With great faith in the Israeli military, it’s surely assumed, if Israel was able to survive 3 wars defending these borders before, why couldn’t they do it again? Besides, according to the NJDC no administration has ever given Israel more military aid than this one. Here again the hypothesis must be, why send them all these weapons if they’re not going to use them?

Compelled by unprecedented fervor for the Jewish state, Obama continuously cajoles Israel to resume negotiations with a Palestinian government now comprising both Fatah and Hamas. This is brilliant on his part. Ensconced in this new unity government perhaps Hamas will soften a bit and stop incessantly firing rockets into Israel from Gaza, or at least cut down on them. After all, like Fatah, they too are now a legitimate entity.

More proof of friendship? As Congressman Rothman was quick to point out, didn’t the President instruct his Ambassador to the U.N., Stephanie Powers to veto the biased resolution condemning Israeli settlement growth in East Jerusalem? Always accentuating the negative, in stead of being thankful, the Republicans were quick to lambast the Ambassador for her tirade against the Jewish state subsequent to the veto. What these right wingers have to understand, our President is a progressive. The holy grail of progressivism is, equanimity, even if none exists. But all these pro-Israeli gambits pale in comparison to his steadfastness with Iran.

Safeguarding Israel from potential nuclear attack, President Obama has consistently imposed increasingly greater sanctions upon Iran. They seem to be having a sobering effect upon the Ayatollahs since as of this writing, Persian rugs and teas can no longer be exported to the United States and word has it opium will soon be on this list.

For friendship’s sake alone, one has to wonder if the people of Israel grasp how lucky they are to have an ally like our Chief Executive. When it comes to their security he’s a leader willing to step up to the plate and take some serious gambles. Likewise, a moralist, our intrepid warrior is capable of finding good and redemption where everyone else sees evil.

Take for example the Muslim Brotherhood. Earlier this year, Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper dubbed this grandfather of modern day terrorism, “largely secular.” It would be interesting to know if their two outgrowths, al-Qaeda and Hamas agree with his assessment.

Obviously, the President does. This past June, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dropped the other shoe unabashedly announcing the United States will now have contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorists sworn to Israel’s destruction. Legitimizing this violently anti-Western group must be another strategic ploy. Why else would President Obama and his Secretary of State do it if not in the interests of his professed “unshakable ally,” Israel? Like Don Quixote and his sidekick, Sancho Panza, the dynamic duo push on seeking truth and justice in the Middle East. Moving forward, there is a developing story which may once again give the President another opportunity to display his undying unity with the Jewish state.

Israel has recently discovered vast deposits of natural gas off her Northern coast in the Eastern Mediterranean. It could not have come at a better time. Consuming 40% of Egypt’s natural gas by pipeline, Israel can no longer depend on this supply having been sabotaged four times over the past six months. Along with expiring contracts not being renewed due to Brotherhood influence, this new source of energy should be a time of great jubilation in Israel; not so fast.

Hezbollah, the face of Syrian occupation in Lebanon, and the business end of Iranian foreign policy is claiming maritime sovereignty over the resources Israel and her American partners have been exploring for years. With as much validity in their claim as their legitimacy in making it, Hezbollah is threatening to take their allegation to the U.N. When queried about the American position in this dispute, a high ranking American official proclaimed neutrality. “Israel and Lebanon will have to work it out.” So in effect, since Lebanon is occupied by Hezbollah, a terror group created by and controlled by Iran, the United States is affirming neutrality between her often referred to unshakable ally and a rogue organization sworn to her destruction. No doubt, the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) are most likely chalking this one up as another example of President Obama’s friendship for Israel.

One of their future emails may read something like this: “President Obama is showing support for Israel by being neutral in a dispute with Hezbollah over mineral rights.” Their rationale: “he could just as easily sided with Hezbollah.” Why some people fail to see such logic is incomprehensible.

So take that you Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, flag waving descendants of George Wallace. If this isn’t enough to convince you of this President’s intentions, nothing will. Except for visiting Israel for the first time as president and releasing Jonathan Pollard before Election Day, I don’t know how much more friendship Obama could offer Israel or for that matter, how much more of his friendship Israel could possibly withstand.