Jews Protesting Against Jews by Menachem Sachs

Reader Op-Ed in Jews Protesting Against Jews: By Menachem Sachs, USA

The old myth that Jews cannot fight is just that, a myth.

But, unfortunately, the real truth is that, when we do choose to fight for our lives, it is we who are our own worst enemy.

Some of you may not understand what I am talking about. What I mean is that when Israel and Jewish lives are at risk there are always some in the Jewish community who stand against us.

Since the Holocaust, it has been very clear to most Jews that the world does not have our best interests at heart. Most of the world sat and watched as Nazi Germany tried to fulfill its “Final Solution”. Most of the world turned Jews away knowing they would be returning to their deaths. Much of the world was glued to the radio when the UN voted for the Partition of Palestine but then sat quietly as the Arab world fought to push Israel into the sea.

And much of the world now protests while Israel is in the very same fight to protect their people.

We, Jews, have grown to expect that the world does not agree with our longing to live and to be left alone in peace. But I refuse to accept fellow Jews who cannot agree with that longing.

In my former city, Vancouver, Canada, there are nearly-daily protests against Israel’s fight to live in peace. These protests are sponsored by the usual suspects: Al-Awda – Vancouver, Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign, Canada Palestine Association, Voice of Palestine, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – University of British Columbia, Vancouver Socialist Forum, Indigenous Rights and Action Project, and others.

Among those protesting are also “Jews For a Just Peace”. Are they serious!? If they are for a just peace then why are they siding with a terrorist organization? How about a just right to life for the people of Israel or maybe for the Palestinian population that we’ve all seen used as human shields time and again?

These apologists offer legitimacy to the claims/allegations of massacre and war crimes committed on behalf of Israel. Since they seem to only follow news broadcasted by Al Jazeera, apparently they are unaware of the bombardment of rockets fired from Gaza over the 7 month “ceasefire”.

People of different origins will always be on different sides of an issue, but for these Jews to side with terrorist organizations should be an act of treason against a People who cannot afford to lose one more additional soul and who have the G-d given right to The Land of Israel.

These bleeding-heart organizations seem to only bleed when it is others’ blood; when they see the ambulance screeching through Lebanon (later proven by Anderson Cooper to be a staged event); when they see a child in Gaza who has been shot (due to the fact he is being used as a shield by the terrorist).

What about the Jew? Your blood-brother/sister? What about the children in Israel who cannot go to school because it may be hit by a rocket, or the elderly whose assisted-living facility was hit by falling rockets, or the brave souls in Judea and Samaria who risk their lives to live in the land that is rightfully ours?

Enough!!! I will not stand by as our brothers and sisters are fighting and under attack from some of the worst terrorist groups in the world, and watch Jews protest that these criminals be given a free pass.

The time has come for us to stand together. If you chose to side with terrorists, when the time comes that they turn their guns on you, because they will always see you as an infidel, don’t cry to me.

Menachem Sachs is a young professional living in The Los Angeles area of California. He has been published in various newspaper around the world ranging from The Vancouver Sun to the Jerusalem Post.

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